a reflection on today

a reflection on today




Thirty years since I was born
A Sunday evenings child
Cord to her was cut not torn
Looked overcooked and wild

Eight days over due
Born of a healthy weight
Skin was of a rich red hue
Both because I was late

Born I was on Sunday night
At a hospital down south
Cleaned of red and dressed in white
Feed then via mouth

How long I stayed I do not know
Not weeks but rather days
Breathing, feeding, good to go
No reason for us to stay

I don’t recall what home was like
With mum and dad
Sister, Caren; Brother, Mike
Were they happy or sad?

Another mouth was I to feed
While dad drank his wages
Our mother worked out of need
This went on for ages

A known burden I was to them
Told this from early on
Rather than a crown set gem
They wanted me gone

“When will you go…” she often said
To boy as young as ten
His silence echoed in my head
As loud today as then

This day each year is sad for me
Though now I have new life
Time and change are no remedy
Nor my own son and wife

This the thorn that’s in my side
That asserts itself today
From this pain I try to hide
While wishing it away

~ a reflection on today ~

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