If Pregnancy Termination is Just a Medical Procedure…

According to Abortion Services in New Zealand:

You are able to have counselling after your abortion procedure also. Your partner may be involved if you request it.

This counselling aims to assist you with any unresolved issues or feelings related to the pregnancy termination and to support your emotional recovery after an abortion.

Hold on. My son has had an operation and he was not offered any form of professional counseling pre or post operation. My wife has had multiple operations and in no case was she offered professional counseling pre or post operation.

How often are we told abortion is a medical procedure similar in significance and complexity to an appendectomy.

My sister had an appendectomy. There was no offer of professional counselling prior to the invasive operation. There was no offer of professional counselling in the aftermath of the invasive surgery.

abortion medical procedure

Why the Offer of Counseling?

Maybe it’s because so many women are having abortions on the grounds that continuing their pregnancy would cause a serious threat to their mental health.

One would think in such situations, what is required is not a medical procedure in the sense of removing the pregnancy, but psychological and/or psychiatric care.

After all, if the problem is not the pregnancy in and of itself, but the mental health risk presented by the continuation of that pregnancy… address the issue, the mental health issue – not the physical circumstances that are simply drawing out that underlying problem.

Or maybe there is something more sinister going on.  Maybe there is no real mental health risk in play.  Maybe that’s just the easiest way for certifying consultants and abortion providers to offer their services on demand, regardless of the real reason.

I applaud those willing to go through the statistics and reports to expose the reality of illegality of the abortion industry in New Zealand.

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