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YHWH said to Noah

“I’ll never flood again

Though the earth be wicked

I will bear its pain”


Man increased in number

As man increased in sin

Withholding His judgement

His Son, in love, went in


He said to the Father

“Pour it out on me

Remember that bright rainbow

And let wrath fall on me”


When God remembered Noah

His promised word was “yes”

Jesus takes the deluge

And in Him we are blessed


The bow toward heaven

Is pointing at the sky

Though we deserve a drowning

He let the arrow fly


Heart and hand were wounded

And yet He rose from death

“Sins demands are finished”

He said with final breath


When you see the rainbow

Remember what He said

Though the people transgress

The blood of Christ was shed



Exodus 34

He is slow to anger

While all deserved is wrath

His great mercy and grace

Comes at a priceless cost


All the sin that we have

Was laid upon the Son

He, the perfect scapegoat

Saw no injustice done


Love is now the blessing

His faithfulness, no end

Abounding from His heart

He’s calling sinners “friend”


It’s steadfast like He is

No sin for it too great

Washing us with water

New hearts in us create


Ever needing patience

He comes to us with grace

Behind the wrathful God

We see our Saviors face

Exodus 34



Hostile in mind
In heart your enemy
Though blind to our rebellion
You won our liberty

You did so as the darkness
Encompassed the land
You rescued us from satan
With an out stretched hand

Your peace you give us
As you took our punishment
Pierced for our transgression
A crucified torment.

You rose the Lord of Glory
Conqueror over death
Though you gave up your spirit
That was not your final breath

You were definitely buried
But gone now is that stone
You ascended into glory
And sit upon a throne

Our war with you is over
As you became our peace
You are the Lord our freedom
In the year of release.