four months

Four Months

It could take up to four months…

Twelve days ago I had an MVA.  A motor vehicle accident.  I still don’t know quite how it happened, though there is no double about what happened.  I wrote a lengthy blog post about it.  I guess this is a follow-up.

After catching a taxi home yesterday at ACC’s expense – because I am not allowed to drive – I opened a letter.  I knew the letter would be regarding a neurologist appointment that would result in answer the question “So when can I drive again?”

The letter didn’t tell me when the appointment would be except to say that while I was given high priority, it could take up to four months before I saw a neurologist.

No Driving for Mr. Ward

All the paper-work, from GP to ACC, says no driving until such time as I have seen a neurologist. That’s a long time in the scheme of things.  While I appreciate that the appointment could happen a lot sooner than the “up to four months” the letter promises, this takes me into 2017.

Between now and the end of the business year, there are 73 work days.  I am taking taxi’s to and from work.  That’s 146 taxi trips; 146 taxi fares.  It’s about $40 each way.  That’s over $5500 just to get me to and from work.  The blow is softened by the fact that this is at ACC’s expense.

That’s all for now.

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