A Loose Reflection on Psalm 77

Can I cry aloud,
Without speaking?
Can I shout in silence,
Your favour pleading?

Can I find rest,
With eyelids open?
Can I seek you,
Though compass broken?

Will you hear,
Through silent prayer?
Will you give sleep,
To a wayward sheep?

Can I know grace,
When full of pride?
Can I know mercy,
When from you I hide?

Can I find you,
As you I seek?
Can I know you,
Through the words you speak?

Will you give grace,
Though I flee your face?
Will you draw near,
When I won’t hear?

Can I recall,
Your mighty deeds?
Can I remember,
And your words heed?

Can I proclaim,
Your power and might?
Can I use the quiet,
Of darkest night?

Will you remind,
Of how you’re kind?
Will you call,
From a watchman’s wall?

    • A Loose Reflection on Psalm 77 – –


“Forbid it, O Lord, put it far from the heart of thy
servant, who confesses to thee — far be it from me to think I am
happy because of any and all the joy I have. For there is a joy
not granted to the wicked but only to those who worship thee
thankfully — and this joy thou thyself art. The happy life is
this — to rejoice to thee, in thee, and for thee. This it is and
there is no other. But those who think there is another follow
after other joys, and not the true one. But their will is still
not moved except by some image or shadow of joy.” – – Augustine

The Reason for Carols


The promise made
In ages old
The bible is
The story told:

To crush the head
Was the threat
The serpent’s seed
Its rival met.

A son was born
“Is it he?
Is he the one
Who’ll set us free?”

By brother slain
Hope was dashed
Another son
To serpent smash?

In his long life
The head was high
The serpent safe
As man would die.

The years passed by
Death remained
Men, not serpents
By men were slain

Through floods and famine
And threatened hope
Faithful He remained
As He spoke:

“My Son I’ll send
To fulfil
He’ll crush the head
On Calvary’s hill

His heal would bruise
By serpent strike
Though He dies
He’ll come to life.”

The Lamb once slain
By promise made
The curse of sin
He takes away.

“Now step away
With flaming sword:
Access to the tree
Has been restored.”

Seed of woman
By woman born
Bright shining promise
Of Christmas morn

That’s the reason
For carols sung
He crushed the head
Though heel was stung.

Sons of Israel

Joseph and his favoured coat

And then the dreams

Through which he’d gloat


Down the hole by angered bros

Sold as a slave

To serve Pharaohs


Saying “no” to seducing female

Angered pharaoh’s wife

False accusations led to jail


Interprets dreams while inside

Growing reputation

Now by Pharaohs side


Prince of Egypt and royal place

Hunger brothers came

Before son of Rachel’s face


By brothers he’s not recognised

Yet mercy shown

To the worthily despised


He pines for his little brother

Of the same dad

But a different mother


He must come before y’all go free

Then he thought

“They still don’t know its me”


To Egypt then came all his clan

Saved from famine

By gracious plan


Evil plot had ten sons of Israel

To kill and trade

But all worked well


Messiahs line again preserved

By Egypt’s prince

And food conserved


Greater yet a sovereign hand

Cares for His seed

In a foreign land


    • Sons of Israel – –

From Little Boy to David the King

A king

A fighter

A singer

A writer


From little boy

To David: King

He played guitar

To dance, to sing


Anointed king

While still a lad

He then served Saul

His heart made glad


Saul knew his plight

He’d lose the crown

The next in line

He would hunt down


By God’s grace

David was spared

As Saul drew close

God was near


David knew God

His hope secure

Saul grew corrupt

The crown seen clear


Soon a new king

On Israels throne

That little boy

Of sling and stone


A king

A fighter

A singer

A writer


  • – From Little Boy to David the King  – –

Bully Beat Down

A giant of a man
With giant shield
And sword in hand
Enemies would yield

The living God to defy
“I’ll enslave you all”
Was his battle cry
If Israel were to fall…

An army struck by fright
None could a giant slay
One that didn’t come to fight
Rather, bringing lunch that day

Kings armour was too big
His weapons sling and stone
Giant could snap him like a twig
He knew “I’m not alone”

Right between the eyes
A stone, a deathly blow
Now where giant lies
Gods great power to show

Severed now the giants head
By lunch delivery boy
He came with meat and bread
He left with songs of joy

While towering over men
Goliath in his boast
His taunt, and brag, and then…
By stone the battle lost

Outwardly a giant
Versus a runty teen
Slayer of defiant
Yahweh’s victory seen

A bully beat down

Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul

Anne Steele


Dear refuge of my weary soul, on Thee, when sorrows rise,

On Thee, when waves of trouble roll, my fainting hope relies.

To Thee I tell each rising grief, for Thou alone canst heal;

Thy Word can bring a sweet relief for every pain I feel.


But oh! When gloomy doubts prevail, I fear to call Thee mine;

The springs of comfort seem to fail, and all my hopes decline.

Yet gracious God, where shall I flee? Thou art my only trust;

And still my soul would cleave to Thee, though prostrate in the dust.


Hast Thou not bid me seek Thy face, and shall I seek in vain?

And can the ear of sov’reign grace be deaf when I complain?

No, still the ear of sov’reign grace attends the mourner’s prayer;

O may I ever find access to breathe my sorrows there.


Thy mercy seat is open still, here let my soul retreat;

With humble hope attend Thy will, and wait beneath Thy feet.

Thy mercy seat is open still, here let my soul retreat;

With humble hope attend Thy will, and wait beneath Thy feet.

Grace for Leah

Two wives, he worked
For fourteen years
Not as agreed
Deceived by dad

The wedding week
He must see out
Before he got
What he longed for

The younger one,
For her he longed
And loved her more
Than first married

She bore contempt
And prayed for grace
A child she bore
To YHWH’s praise

Through her would come
The promised seed
Though man deceived
YHWH works good

Messiahs line
From unloved wife
One loved by God
By man ignored

O Cornerstone!
Once rejected
By God approved
To save from sin

The tears she wept
Watered the seed
That grew to be
The Branch, the Lamb

    • grace for leah – –


Promise and Laughter

“Old man,”
He said
“You’ll have a son.”

“A son?”
He laughed
“My days are done.”

“A son,”
He said
“To you, old lady”

“To me?”
She laughed
“I’ll have a baby?”

“Too hard?”
He said
“Too hard for me?”

“Too old”
They cried
“How can it be?”

“Next year,”
He said
“About this time”

“Oh yeah?”
They scoffed
“We’re well passed prime”

“You’ll see”
He said
“More than the sand”

“To us?”
They asked
“Is that your plan?”

“It is”
He said
“And you’re a part”

“A son”
They said
“To bless Your heart?”

“He will”
He said
“I send my own”

“Your son?”
They spoke
“To take a throne”

“A cross”
He said
“Will crown His head”

“To die?”
They said
“Not might instead?”

“My plan”
He said
“For my glory”

“And us?”
They asked
“In that story?”

Promise and Laughter

The Servant Apostle

The Servant Apostle

Of Father and Son

Through Paul a message

Of Good News would come


Called when a hater

Ambushed on the way

Confronted by Jesus

He heard Him say:


“O Saul of Tarsus,

Why do you kick?

In vain against goad

In vain against prick?


“O Saul of Tarsus

I call you as Paul

To both Jew and Gentile

You’ll preach me to all


“I blind you by glory

But rise, and go straight

As you regain vision

You will see my face


“Those Gentiles you hated

You’ll come to enjoy

Not your own strength

But my grace employ”


Chosen and separate

Before time began

Now manifested

In the race that Paul ran


Of faith and of truth

He spoke and he wrote

To both Jews and Grecians

By foot and by boat


With Cretans and Hebrews

He witnessed one year

By preaching the gospel

To all who would hear


Knowledge of truth

The faith that he preached

So liars and gluttons

By the gospel were reached


To represent Jesus,

To gather the fold

By preaching the gospel

As and where told


This servant apostle

To Titus he wrote

His heart with the Cretans

His feet on a boat


In a ship bound for Rome

He wrote of God’s grace

For both Jew and Greek

In every place


This servant apostle

With Good News in store

For every nation

To every shore.

an ongoing testimony of God's grace