The Reason for Carols


The promise made
In ages old
The bible is
The story told:

To crush the head
Was the threat
The serpent’s seed
Its rival met.

A son was born
“Is it he?
Is he the one
Who’ll set us free?”

By brother slain
Hope was dashed
Another son
To serpent smash?

In his long life
The head was high
The serpent safe
As man would die.

The years passed by
Death remained
Men, not serpents
By men were slain

Through floods and famine
And threatened hope
Faithful He remained
As He spoke:

“My Son I’ll send
To fulfil
He’ll crush the head
On Calvary’s hill

His heal would bruise
By serpent strike
Though He dies
He’ll come to life.”

The Lamb once slain
By promise made
The curse of sin
He takes away.

“Now step away
With flaming sword:
Access to the tree
Has been restored.”

Seed of woman
By woman born
Bright shining promise
Of Christmas morn

That’s the reason
For carols sung
He crushed the head
Though heel was stung.

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