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CitizensGO – Free Speech in Thames

Free Speech in Thames

via CitizenGO

Dear Friends of life,

Please sign this petition to support the right of free speech and

A group of courageous pro-lifers have been assembling peacefully for an hour on Friday mornings over the last five years outside the Thames Hospital, when abortions are being performed. They peacefully pray and give witness to the right to life of unborn children and to protest at the violence inflicted on women, the second victims of abortion. They have a permit for this activity, which has been issued by the Thames Coromandel District Council.

Very recently a group of Green Party/ALRANZ pro-abortion activists, were issued with a permit to mount a counter demonstration at exactly the same time and same place. This group has been harassing the pro-life group and have stated that they will not stop until the pro-life group is driven off the street.

We believe that the pro-abortion group have contrived to make a false accusation to the Council and to the Police that one of the pro-life protesters has assaulted a woman. They have now petitioned the Council to cancel the pro-life group’s permit. The Green Party support abortion and we believe that they are using this situation as a test case with the intention of seeking to having the law changed, to impose a bubble zone around every hospital and clinic in New Zealand, where unborn children are being aborted. They seek to prohibit any person praying, or protesting against the killing of the innocent within that zone.

Again we encourage you to sign this petition in support of the right to free speech and assembly.