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Joseph Gordon-Levitt


The movie Don Jon, which was written, directed, and starred in by Gordon-Levitt, features a good looking macho man who has no trouble with the ladies. However, he finds that regardless of all the beautiful women that he meets, and then after getting into a relationship with his dream girl, he realizes he is severely addicted to internet porn and openly admits that real women/real sex can never compare to porn.

In an interview talking about his character in the movie and the message of the film, Gordon-Levitt said:

“Everything in Jon’s life is sort of a one-way street. He is not connecting or engaging with anyone. That goes for the women in his life… It’s an item on a checklist. He doesn’t listen; he just takes. At the beginning of the movie, he is finding that dissatisfying because there’s the sequence where he brings a young lady home from the bar and he is comparing her to this checklist that he has gotten off of what he likes to see in a pornography video. Obviously, a real human being is not going to map onto that because there is a fundamental difference between a human being and an image on a screen.”

Since the movie, Gordon-Levitt has been open about his feeling about how the media and pornography depicts people and relationships. What a boss.