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On Having a Rabbit

On Having a Rabbit

once we had a rabbit
too big for our back yard
knock on door from neighbour
is this yours son of bard?

handing back the rabbit
and putting him in side
embarrased by the neighbours
i wanted to hide

once we had a rabbit
as massive as could be
no longer’s he our rabbit
we ate him for our tea

no! we didn’t eat him
rather kept him from harm
and in exchange for guinea pigs
we took him to a farm


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About Flemish Giants

“Flemish Giants are one of the oldest & largest breeds of rabbits in existence. Experts believe that this giant rabbit breed might be descended from related breeds such as the Stone Rabbit and the European Patagonian; both of which are now extinct, but were raised for fur and meat purposes. The first recorded reference to this breed was noted as being from the Flanders region in Belgium, during the 16th Century. They were exported from England into the United States in 1893; later becoming a charter breed of the (then newly formed) American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in 1924.” http://www.flemish-giant.com