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Best Dressed

“The most stylish people are not the best dressed; the most stylish are those who make caring for others a part of who they are.”

~ Joanna Lynn

I guess now that it’s been repeated, it becomes a quote.

  1. OK, I cheated a bit.  This is actually a statement from me.  I guess it really doesn’t become a quote unless someone else repeats it.
  2. I believe this to be true, though.  When someone is kind to others, there is a beauty to them that clothes and looks cannot touch.
  3. Outward appearance can become very ugly, very quickly when someone opens their mouths and their character oozes hatred and unpleasantness.
  4. I believe the main reason Princess Diana was known as The People’s Princess was because of her charity work.  Yes, she was beautiful, wore designer clothes and exuded elegance, but her kindness was where her true beauty shone.  She was at her most stylish when she was reaching out to those in need.  That stylish way of living was passed down to her children, who continue her work. This was such a beautiful and important part of their mother that to honor her memory meant continuing her work.
  5. There are many in society now who are completely self-absorbed.  They have no trouble saying that life is all about them.  There are t-shirts touting it, songs reinforcing the idea and it is everywhere in the media.  Somewhere, we have forgotten that society is built on caring for each other and working for the greater good.  Out of selfish ambition comes abuse, pain, crime, death and the loss of meaning and purpose.  There is such an emptiness to living this way and there is little chance of ever being content.  You will always want more.
  6. We were created to help each other.  “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10  Reaching out to others is part of God’s purpose for us.  No one’s purpose in life is for them alone.

~ Joanna Lynn

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