the aspiration

The Aspiration

The Aspiration

Someone asked what I would be

I said to be a pastor

What I meant was not so broad

I meant a simple preacher


Along the way I caught a dream

To be a knowledge master

To engage the minds of the hoards

So I trained as a teacher


Was not to be as I snapped

The way ahead did not suit

My mind was blurred for many days

To counsel I then sought


No road a head so I felt trapped

No place to learn the route

I then asked “what is the way?”
Preach, or teach, help thoughts?


These were my aspirations

The dreams I dreamed at night

And the ways I trod by day

Did not grasp a plan


These goals formed a foundation

Though walking without sight

I heard the gentle shepherd say

“A minister to man”


I was to pastor souls of men

To preach and teach and counsel

The goal that God had in mind

To speak and really listen


Nothing seems to go to waste

But all part of His will

All of the things from which I’d haste

Of future days now glisten


A slow and glad process


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