The Jealousy of God

The Jealousy of God


It was a Wednesday.  Threatening to rain, I drove into a parking building.  In the absence of available public parking, I was forced to exit the building.  But in order to exit, I had to validate my parking.  $3 for not parking! Oh well… I have followed the procedure to have the charges reversed.  Thanks to Wilson Parking.

A suitable park was found on some obscure street.  Ascending the rather steep hill, I saw Albert Park.  Speakers Corner was next in view, but once there I noted the absence of familiar faces.  Trevor was first to break that absence. Then Tim.


The three of us started praying in preparation for public preaching.  As I gesticulated, I felt a solid figure – Abraham.  The trio had become a quartet before becoming a quintet as Joseph made 5.


Someone had a bus to catch so he was the first to climb the stairs and herald the truth of God’s Word.  Titus 2 was his text.

I was next with an expository sermon from Nahum.  I managed, in somewhat amateur fashion, to capture my own preaching:

The message I had from Nahum started by focusing on the jealousy of God for His own glory.

As I preached, a young lady sat.  And sat.  And sat.  She sat for the whole time and only after I had said my final amen, did she stand.  Walking off, she thanked Joe for our being there and agreed to read what she had previously been given.

A gardener was asked to perform his work after we were done.  Graciously, he agreed and was attentive for most of the time I was preaching.  Two young men also stopped periodically as I preached.  As they went to walk away, I diverted from my outline and appealed to them.

Abraham followed.  He didn’t get very far before the potential for rain became an event.


Then there were four –  huddled under a tree – praying for fruit.

Sure, the jealousy of God for His own glory is not the most popular theme, even amongst those calling Jesus, “Lord”.  It is, however, a thoroughly biblical concept.  More than that, it is consistent with the very nature of God.

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