The Servant Apostle

The Servant Apostle

Of Father and Son

Through Paul a message

Of Good News would come


Called when a hater

Ambushed on the way

Confronted by Jesus

He heard Him say:


“O Saul of Tarsus,

Why do you kick?

In vain against goad

In vain against prick?


“O Saul of Tarsus

I call you as Paul

To both Jew and Gentile

You’ll preach me to all


“I blind you by glory

But rise, and go straight

As you regain vision

You will see my face


“Those Gentiles you hated

You’ll come to enjoy

Not your own strength

But my grace employ”


Chosen and separate

Before time began

Now manifested

In the race that Paul ran


Of faith and of truth

He spoke and he wrote

To both Jews and Grecians

By foot and by boat


With Cretans and Hebrews

He witnessed one year

By preaching the gospel

To all who would hear


Knowledge of truth

The faith that he preached

So liars and gluttons

By the gospel were reached


To represent Jesus,

To gather the fold

By preaching the gospel

As and where told


This servant apostle

To Titus he wrote

His heart with the Cretans

His feet on a boat


In a ship bound for Rome

He wrote of God’s grace

For both Jew and Greek

In every place


This servant apostle

With Good News in store

For every nation

To every shore.

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