Dihydrogen Monoxide Conspiracy

Dihydrogen Monoxide Conspiracy

Current allegations suggest that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may be conspiring to cover up the whole DHMO issue. Attempts by DHMO researchers to elicit comment from the EPA regarding the possible cover-up were either ignored or dodged, leading researchers to infer the alleged cover-up. Incredibly, the EPA then attempted to divert attention from the real issue onto talk of the aesthetics and layout of the EAC’s DMRD web site!

EPA Refuses to Confirm or Deny Cover-up

In spite of a direct query for information, the EPA refused to deny the existence of a cover-up. The researcher, who reported to us under conditions of anonymity, sent correspondence asking if the EPA knows more about Dihydrogen Monoxide than it is telling us.

Point Blank Questions Ignored

The researcher went on to ask, point blank, “Are you asking me to participate in some sort of cover-up?” And, “Do you deny that the EPA is purposely keeping quiet on the issue of Dihydrogen Monoxide?” For whatever reason, the EPA would not say, offering no comment on the questions at all.

EPA Saber Rattling

However, in a strongly worded reply, the EPA did seemingly go on the offensive with statements such as:

  • “The Agency would like to ask you to remove [certain information].”,
  • “The point is, if your visitors are in any way led to the impression that EPA is endorsing your site, that is not good for either of us.”,
  • “I hope you see our point of view”,
  • “We take our mission of protecting the environment seriously”, and
  • “We consider this a serious matter and would appreciate your help.”

Some may find these heavy handed statements shocking. The wording of the EPA’s correspondence with the researcher are filled with these sorts of anachronisms; one would expect such talk from a movie gangster, but not from a taxpayer-funded agency of the United States government.

Draw Your Own Conclusions

There is certainly no doubt that the Dihydrogen Monoxide issue touched a nerve at the US EPA. And while sources at the EPA admit to the benefits of freely distributing information to the public on DHMO, they stop short of admitting to a cover-up. Perhaps there really is no cover-up. Or maybe the EPA’s silence confirms its existence. It is clear that the EPA is putting no effort into educating the public about the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide. It is also clear that the truth may forever be obscured, so for now the reader is left to reach his or her own conclusions regarding the possible conspiracy at the EPA to cover-up the DHMO issue.

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