where is the muse

Where is the muse of circumstances?

Sometimes I wonder

Where is inspiration?

Where is the muse of circumstances?


Ideas are to be found in the multiplied noises of busyness

Ideas refined in the context of silence

Todays instruction: Listen


Still and stillness

Silent silence

Listen to the Word


Written in Scripture

Incarnate in Jesus

In perfect agreement


Spoken in creation

Proclaimed in providence

Overlapping Creator/Sustainer


Forget Elijah and Moses

For their sake

Hear the Son in what these servants say




20160803: “Oy, I am so Blessed, Beautiful women, wonderful surroundings & Double Rainbow!”

A Little Light in Hopeless Places

Muse of Fire

Love, Lust, Grand Romantic Gestures And A Creative Muse

My Wife, My Muse

I Belong to You / Mon cœur s’ouvre à ta voix


Daily Prompt: Muse

Muse to Myself



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