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Activ8 Pro-Life Internship

I may go a bit quiet next week.  Access to the world wide web will be limited, which isn’t an altogether bad thing, right?  I will be away from my normal environment and associated means of -communicating with the digital world.  I will be at the 5-day, residential Activ8 Pro-Life Internship hosted and sponsored by Focus on the Family New Zealand.

This is an annual, targeting training program for 18-35 year-olds (though this year the age range has been voluntarily extended).  The aim is to equip young(ish) people, enabling them to build the culture of life in a society where life seems somewhat disposable.  Abortion represents the main dumping ground.  Sadly, the euthanasia debate may prove to open other fronts.

Activ8 Pro-Life Internship

Activ8 Pro-Life Internship

Though it has been through several incarnations over the 6 years it’s been in existence, over 90 people have been armed and readied in what really is a culture war.   This represents young people on both sides of the Tasman Sea.  These young people are involved in a multiplicity of vocation and vocational training.  I myself attended in 2012.  I must say that it was the single most effective means of equipping me to fight for life with all its ages, stages, and challenges.

The Internship has been extremely well resourced, facilitated by some of New Zealand and Australia’s leading voices for life.  This has included front-line workers in the fight against abortion.  Soldiers in this fight have been working both as the fence at the top of the cliff (Crisis-Pregnancy, etc) as well as the ambulance at the bottom (Post-Abortive care, etc).

Followers of this blog may be interested to know that following my own internship, I took to editing and publishing a monthly periodical known then as The Life Times.  Sadly, the busyness of my own life swallowed up what little time I did have to devote to it.  As a result, my voice has been somewhat hushed.  But though the volume of my voice has been turned back, the passion in my heart has never been affected.  Next week may prove to reignite passion and fire for this most worthy of fights.  A report of my own experience, as an intern, can be found here.

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