It was probably about six years ago that I first gave voice to my now held aspirations.  The question to “What do you want to do with your life?” was met by an expressed desire to pursue vocational ministry.


Part of my story has to do with the various church (and pseudo-church) settings that I went on to be involved with.  Part of that story has to do with the fact that I was never sure that this group could even facilitate what I knew then was essential training.  Whether there was a place for a trained me to serve was thought of with even greater uncertainty.

I had been lead to a church where those uncertainties began to unpack and dissolve.  Here was a church that took the Bible seriously.  Here was a church whose commitment was reflected in every aspect of its public worship.

Here was a place that, though still quite infantile, had a suggested path between expressed desire and fulfilled desire insofar as it concerned my pastoral ministry aspirations.

But there was a problem.  I had to work.  There was no way I could have lived off of a student allowance.  And besides, I didn’t qualify for a student allowance, nor was it possible to receive one while studying through the college that lay along the path that had been opened up to me.

Medical retirement meant I would be able to receive financial compensation on account of my back injury.  This was especially the case as the job that I had changed to did nothing to make my pain less, or the problem better.

The Road Less Traveled



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