Democratic National Convention Speaker

Democratic National Convention Speaker

Ilyse Hogue is the president of National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.  She recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention.  Her presence as a speaker at the DNC demonstrates confirms Family First’s comment:

The US Democrat Party is without doubt the party of death – and unashamed of it.  It’s ironic that not one of the Democratic supporters of abortion (including Hillary) has been a victim of it!

Democratic National Convention Speaker Ilyse Hogue

The Extent of Victimhood

I understand what Family First means when it excludes supporters of abortion from the victim category. I would suggest that everyone involved in abortion is a victim of it. From the parents who pressure their daughter into having an abortion.  From the father of the aborted child, to the abortion-provider.

Most of all however, though second to the death of a unique human person (i.e. the unborn), the abortion-seeking and obtaining woman is chief among victims of the culture of death.

Ilyse Houge and Lila Rose

In a less recent video, Democrat National Convention speaker Ilyse Hogue was cross-examined, alongside Lyla Rose on CNN’s Crossfire.  During the show, Lila Rose rightly presented the most fundamental question in the culture war – What is it that grows in the womb of a pregnant woman during pregnancy?



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