Before they are appointed to preach, teach, and rule

God has created us to work as those who are made in His image

God has created us to work as those who are made in His image. Work in itself is significant. That is why Paul says what he does in Colossians 3. Whatever we do, we are working for the Lord. It is the way we do what we do, whether plowing a field, programming a computer, preparing a meal, or preaching the Word, that is of concern to the Lord. Jesus Himself spent most of his adult life as a carpenter. Are we to think that the Son of God was in some way a second-class citizen in the kingdom until He began His public ministry? Are we to think that He was doing only “secular” work until He started teaching? These questions about the Perfect Man demonstrate the folly of the sacred/secular division and the falsity of this teaching that has done such enormous damage to the people of God.

Barrs, Jerram. The Heart of Evangelism (p. 62). Crossway. Kindle Edition.


About The Heart of Evangelism

All Christians are called. Called to love God with all that we are. Called to serve Him. Called to reach out to the lost. However, if we are honest, the majority of us would admit that we find this last calling the most difficult. While we gladly support the evangelistic ministries of others, many of us feel discouraged by our own attempts at witnessing because our memorized approaches don’t seem to work.

This biblical study of evangelism gracefully reminds us that the New Testament model of witnessing is not a one-size-fits-all methodology. With compassion for the lost filling every page, Jerram Barrs shows the variety of approaches used in the New Testament-where the same uncompromised Gospel was packaged as differently as the audience-and calls you to follow its example.

You can learn to witness comfortably in your particular circumstances so that sharing Christ doesn’t feel like a chore. And as you watch God work in the lives of others and see the great blessings He brings, you’ll discover what a privilege it is to live out the heart of evangelism: truly loving others to Christ.


Jerram Barrs (MDiv, Covenant Theological Seminary) is the founder and resident scholar of the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute at Covenant Theological Seminary, where he teaches apologetics and outreach as professor of Christianity and contemporary culture. He and his wife also served on staff at English L’Abri for many years. He is the author of Learning Evangelism from Jesusand Echoes of Eden.


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Published: February 28, 2005

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