Jehovah’s witnesses

I saw Jehovah’s witnesses
Standing on the street
From car to bank and back again
“To them I must speak”

I posed to them a question
“Whose way did he prepare?”
Jesus or Jehovah
This my crafty snare

Of course the way was Jesus’
So turn to Mark one-eight
Whose way, I asked while smiling
“Jehovah’s… oh… but… wait”

“So then a plain reading,
Of this verse in Mark,
Shows Jesus IS Jehovah.”
A conversation starts

“Can God die,
Or to life be raised?
If He’s God as you suggested,
How by God can He be praised?”

“If He was God,
Then how God’s Son?”
“The man and the woman,
Different but one.”

“Of the same mind,
That verse implies,
Not that marriage

To Genesis I appealed in defence
“From man was woman formed
And yet the man, remained a man
Son from Father, begotten not born.”

“This book of ours,
Contains the truth.”
“I’ve read,” I said
“It was quite a laugh.”

“A laugh?” they asked
“What do you mean?”
It’s account of creation
Seemed obscene

“A billion years before the start?”
Then there came beginning
“Yes” said they, then He began
“But six days, that’s just silly.”

“The complexity of this creation,
“How could it be six days?”
“um… He’s God” I said
What else is there to say?

“But the bible speaks of other days,
Longer than twenty four hours.”
As they dug themselves a hole
They really denied His power.

I then grasped for common ground
About the things I agreed
Like how a new heavens and a new earth
Would come for all to see

The issue of that magic number
Then became the moot
Now a class of super-Christians
Who’s anointed would bear fruit

“We just can’t know,
If we make the grade.
But we’re sure we’ve not
The magic number made.”

As it went on and on and on
It became far too absurd
Back to work to write this down
The things I’ve seen and heard

    • Jehovah’s witnesses – –

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