pro-life formation

Pro-Life Formation

Pro-Life Formation

I have returned from a week of intense pro-life formation with 17 interns.  I was not counted among the interns as this year I was asked to join the internship as a leader.  The benefit for me was not compromised by the fact that I was a leader and had duties to that end.

There were a lot of impact moments, each of the interns impacted and impressed me in a particular way.  One of the interns lived locally and with small children wasn’t able to “live-in”.  This did not prevent her full participation in the programmed content and I am sure that the Holy Spirit used that content and the way it was presented and assimilated by the interns as a whole to further shape her heart and mind.

This morning I will be giving a brief report of the internship at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Auckland.  Video of that report will hopefully make its way on to this blog.

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