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Incarnation — Grace Theological College

[Jesus] relinquished divine privileges, existing in the eternal love with the Father and the Holy Spirit, and poured himself out, taking on the confinement of human incarnation, living truly as God and man. (p. 49) Hans Bayer The Theology of Mark Amazon.com offers the following synopsis of Hans’ book: Sincere Christians hold divergent ideas about…

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Grace for Leah

Two wives, he worked
For fourteen years
Not as agreed
Deceived by dad

The wedding week
He must see out
Before he got
What he longed for

The younger one,
For her he longed
And loved her more
Than first married

She bore contempt
And prayed for grace
A child she bore
To YHWH’s praise

Through her would come
The promised seed
Though man deceived
YHWH works good

Messiahs line
From unloved wife
One loved by God
By man ignored

O Cornerstone!
Once rejected
By God approved
To save from sin

The tears she wept
Watered the seed
That grew to be
The Branch, the Lamb

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