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NZ Mother Won’t Give Up

The mother who petitioned to make it mandatory for parents to know if their children under 16 have an abortion, has pledged not to give up.

Hilary Kieft’s 15-year-old daughter had an abortion at boarding school, but Ms Kieft didn’t find out about it until a year later when her daughter attempted suicide.

A select committee has rejected the suggestion of mandatory notification, but agreed to strengthen post-abortion counselling

Ms Kieft told Mike Hosking she’s disappointed with the decision.

NZ Mother Won’t Give Up

“I’m grateful for the minor changes they’re going to do. We still can’t protect our girls. It’s still going to carry on the same. You are going to have girls that are going to try to commit suicide and girls that will commit suicide. How then are we to help them.”

Family First director Bob McCoskrie said politicians are taking power away from parents, who should have a protective factor.

“The politicians have treated parents as being a potential enemy and to be treated as hostile. For some reason we should only trust professional counsellors and we shouldn’t trust parents.”

Article link: http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/news/national/mum-who-petitioned-for-abortion-law-change-wont-give-up/

Why Parental Notification Laws Protect Young People

Decreased rates of youth suicide, risky sex and sexually transmitted diseases, reduced abortion rates, protecting the adolescent from sexual abuse – why wouldn’t families want parental …

Source: Why Parental Notification Laws Protect Young People


Why Parental Notification Laws Protect Young People

Why Parental Notification Laws Protect Young PeopleDecreased rates of youth suicide, risky sex and sexually transmitted diseases, reduced abortion rates, protecting the adolescent from sexual abuse – why wouldn’t families want parental notification laws!

Here’s the evidence that the politicians seemed to want to ignore….

A 2012 study by Joseph Sabia and Daniel Rees, researchers from San Diego State University and the University of Colorado, Denver, found that States that have parental notification laws also see a drop in the suicide rate of girls ages 15 through 17. The researchers conclude that “the adoption of a parental involvement law is associated with an 11%-21% decrease in the number of 15- through 17-year-old females who commit suicide.”

According to this 2006 study, abortion notification and consent laws actually reduce risky sexual behavior among teenagers. The finding is the result of data collected from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and examined by Jonathan Klick, Florida State University College of Law professor, and Thomas Stratmann, economics professor at George Mason University. They discovered that teen gonorrhea rates decreased by an average of 20 percent among Hispanic girls and by an average of 12 percent among white girls in states where consent laws were practiced. Therefore, the laws function as an incentive for girls to engage in less risky sex activities since they do not want to face their parents with news of a pregnancy or plans for an abortion.

A 2011 study by Michael New, Ph.D., an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama, entitled “Analyzing the Effect of Anti-Abortion U.S. State Legislation in the Post-Casey Era” says that parental involvement laws were found to reduce in-state abortion rates for minors by approximately 15 percent.
http://spa.sagepub.com/content/11/1/28.abstract http://www.lifenews.com/2011/03/28/study-pro-life-parental-notification-laws-reduce-abortions-15/

American College of Pediatricians – May 2016
The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) is a national organization of pediatricians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to the health and well-being of children. Their paper on parental notification covers some key points:

  • Neuroscience research notes that the area of the brain involved in critical thinking and decision-making does not reach full maturity until the early to mid-twenties
  • Abortion should be treated as any other medical / surgical procedure
  • Pregnant adolescents benefit from parental involvement
  • Parental involvement protects an adolescent from sexual abuse
  • Parental involvement does not cause a delay in obtaining abortions for those who choose this option
  • Parental involvement does not contribute to family violence
  • Parental involvement encourages the correct view of family
  • Parental involvement laws benefit the adolescent, the family, and society
  • Abortion has long-term consequences for the adolescent

They conclude: “Adolescents need the advice and involvement of their parents. As more is learned about the immaturity of the adolescent brain, especially in the development of the decision-making frontal lobes, it is obvious that parents should be allowed to guide their teens in all medical decisions, including decisions regarding pregnancy. Legislation mandating or encouraging parental involvement in decisions related to a minor’s pregnancy protects adolescents during a very vulnerable time in their lives. Society recognizes this need, and often requires and encourages parents to be a positive resource for their adolescents in matters of health, and other issues of consequence. Therefore, excluding them from a minor’s decision about abortion cannot be justified.”

This article by Otago University masters law student Michael Morrison, and published in the April 2015 edition of the Asian Bioethics Review demonstrates that most female adolescents only start to acquire sufficient autonomous capacity from the age of 14 years and as such the legislative wording of s 38 COCA is problematic and arguably careless.

– See more at: http://bobmccoskrie.com/?p=17266#sthash.xNKKll5K.dpuf

Dad’s Don’t Dance in the Darkness of Daughters Distress

I am a parent.  I love my boy.  What he thinks and says and does is of unparalleled interest me.  What is thought of him, said of him, and done to him interests me also.  There are times when that interest ought to be converted into concern.

It is not unreasonable that I’m informed about these thoughts, words, and deeds.  Often I am able to extrapolate that information from him directly, though being 4 years old, not everything that goes on in his word is communicated amidst our interaction.

Thankfully, Ashley picks up, in other conversations, things missing from father and son dialogue.  Should even their conversation fail to pick up on that, especially when  his world goes beyond the home, there are others who are more than willing to fill in gaps.

If he is at preschool and get’s hurt, Ashley (at the very least) is told.  There is no need to keep anything a secret.

The prospect of some preschool children attending an off-site gymnastics program requires that parents not only know but give consent.  His enrollment forms require us to grant permission for him to be given rudimentary medicines and basic first aid.

Dad's Don't Dance in the Darkness of Daughters Distress

Disappearing Daughters

I understand the differences and the complexity.  But many of New Zealand’s teenagers are being taken away from school for medical consultations without their parents even knowing.

What’s more, major surgical procedures are being carried out on many of these same New Zealand teenagers, all covered in the shroud of secrecy.

I’m talking about abortion.  Under current New Zealand law, there is no provision that a pregnant teenager’s parents be even informed (we’re not talking about consent) that their daughters are going through crisis.

Recently, Hillary’s Law made it’s way into the media.

She discovered that her daughter was suicidal.  But she didn’t know why.  It wasn’t until well after the fact that she was told that her suicidal daughter had had an abortion.  This teenager’s abortion procurement was something her school kept a secret from her parents.

On the back of that, Hillary knew she had to do something.  A petition was presented to parliament, to be considered by a Select Committee.

Knowledge Leads to Violence

The Select Committee decided that they would take it no further.  Instead, citing the possibility that some daughters would be met with fatal parental backlash, they decided it wasn’t in the best interests of kiwi teenagers facing crisis pregnancy that their parents at the very least, know what their daughter gets up to at school.

I know it’s not the same.  I know it’s complicated.  I know that there are nutty parents who would seek to do their daughters violence.  But their daughters are subjected to an unimaginable violence when they are lead into the darkness of the abortion industry without even the ability to grope for mum or dad’s hand.

It’s a lot to process.  I’m not suggesting my blogging is going to make much of a difference, or that my comparisons do any justice to the issue – but I hope that I can contribute to the discussion – as a parent who loves his boy in such a way that I am interested in what’s going on in his life.

Hillary’s Law Calls for Parental Notification

Having faced the attempted suicide of her teenage daughter, kiwi mum petitioned the government, asking that there be a law change.  Hillary’s Law calls for parental notification in cases where there teenage daughters are taken by education providers for abortions.

Sadly, the Select Committee decided the consequences of parents knowing what’s happening to their daughters is not something they are willing to contend with.  Instead, it’s better that no parent know what’s going on.

This is my poetic reflection:

Hillary’s Law Parental Notification

So your daughter needs a panadol

There is a much greater toll

In things of which you ought to know


She’s going on a school field trip

For that you’ll sign a permission slip

While others are lead away

Hillary's Law Parental Notification

Hillary is lost for words

Like her voice has not been heard

Other’s silenced too


Why can’t they know about their girls?

When treated like stolen pearls

Why darkness must you remain?


Kiwi parents, they ought to know

When daughters dealt a massive blow

That often proves too much


Daughters being whisked away

During the darkness of the day

To have more than just a panadol


What do they think behind closed doors?

When loving kiwi mum implores

To care is first to know


It’s not a question of consent

When innocence is being spent

One knows and so one cares


Hillary’s law has been shot down

Makes MP’s sadistic clowns

While daughters cry in darkness.